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Crimson Way Church highly values our young adults! Have you ever felt like you've been left to fend for yourself at church, or you're the odd-one out? You're too old to be part of the youth group, or you're single and uncomfortable hanging-out with the married couples? Maybe you feel like God really wants to use you, but you don't really know where to start or where you fit in. Don't worry. Crimson Way is the place for you!

God has a great purpose and plan for your life, and we're going to help you fulfill that purpose. We're going to help you become a world changer!

Our young adults also meet regularly to engage in local missions outreach efforts, whether it's helping girls out of trafficking, serving a meal to those who are less fortunate, going into a nursing home, or going on a treasure hunt, our young adults are actively engaged in efforts to change the world around us!

So if you're a young adult, whether you're single, married, in school, out of school, don't care about school, we invite you to join our Young Adults group!

Meet with us every other Monday at 6:30pm at the church parsonage.  We will be diving deeper into what God has been putting on our hearts and growing together. The hope is to foster a safe place of authenticity and vulnerability where we can challenge and spiritually speak life into one another.


Questions?  Contact Pastor Joel at

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