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We want to share your story with the world this Easter!

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We want to tell the world about Jesus this Easter in a new and exciting way!  Just because we can't leave our houses doesn't mean we can't spread the love and hope that comes from our Lord and Savior!  Record a video telling us about how God used this season to work in your life and we may use it in a special combined video during our Easter service.  For some tips and tricks about how to create a great selfie video, keep scrolling!

NOTE: Please keep your videos to 2 minutes (or shorter) and submit by 4/8!

To submit your video, simply follow the instructions below:

If you have an iPhone, send your video to (773) 805-5278

If you have an Android, send your video to (414) 305-0460



you can upload your video onto your Google Drive and share it with

If you're really bored and want to hear Jeremy's full ramblings, click HERE.

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