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The first missionaries are documented in the New Testament, where they went out and preached the Gospel, traveling across regions on journeys to share their faith. In Mark 16:15, Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." It is to this Great Commission that we, as a church, are called, and we will respond!


Carrying out the Great Commission is a great work. It requires a team of people to accomplish the goal. There are those that send out missionaries, backing them with love, prayer, communication and resources. There are those that go, and answer the call to go out into another part of the world and bring the Gospel to a different people group. Whichever part of this world missions big picture that God brings you to is important. We join together to do a work that is larger than ourself as individuals. It is a work that God is overseeing, and He brings the pieces together to do amazing things!


At Crimson Way, we partner with missionaries that have a calling on their life to do a work for God. We're also raising-up the next generation of missionaries right here at Crimson Way to answer the call to missions. We have relationships with missionaries where we can both financially support their calling and encourage people that are part of the Crimson Way family to step out in faith and get involved with our missionaries. This involvement is fostered by regular communication with our missionaries and short and long-term missions trips, where the next generation can seek God's call on their life as their faith is tested, and then answer that call.

So we encourage you to get involved with Crimson Way's world missions efforts! Maybe even take a small step of faith and join us on our next world missions trip! It will be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you've ever done!

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