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When Jesus began His ministry, he started by calling His disciples, asking them to follow Him. Follow - an action - was not just for their individual personal closeness with Christ, but He connected this action with His plan to "make you fishers of men." So not only is it God's intention that we gather together to grow in Christ as the Church, but it is also His challenge that we go into the world to seek those that do not yet know share Christ's love, so that they will come into a close relationship with Him.

At Crimson Way, we want to come together in unity and get outside of the four walls of the church to love people the way Jesus has taught us to love. It is through this love, that people will come to know Christ living inside of us. Jesus said in John 13:35, "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." Ultimately, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. We will love people first - with the love of Christ - and then share the message of Christ once we have developed a relationship with people in a real and natural way.


We do local missions like most missionaries do world missions! We go into targeted communities and begin to develop long-term relationships with families and community leaders. We do not just go into a community for a short period of time or to do an occasional outreach. We establish a long-term footprint in a community...a permanent place within a community to serve as a platform for demonstrating the love of Jesus to people, and to raise-up pastors within these communities to establish a local church there.


First, we spend time walking through a community and praying for the people living there. Then, we begin to meet people and develop one-on-one relationships with them as God leads us. Once we begin to develop individual relationships with people, we conduct outreaches in coordination with local community leaders. This includes outreaches in the park where we invite families to come and enjoy activities with their children, hear live music, and enjoy time with people who are there, with one goal - to love them. This also includes working with local government leaders to identify and meet the needs of the people in the community, including helping people with food and financial assistance and connecting people with health care, job, counseling, and rehab resources. As relationships are established over time, this produces opportunities to share the Gospel, and people come to know Jesus!


The Crimson Way local missions team is here to train and encourage you in this new area of ministry. The first time you do this will be very exciting, but you may feel a little anxious about doing this. Don't worry — this is what we were made to do! God will give you the strength and courage to do it! And after a little while, you might even find yourself ministering Christ's love in your own neighborhood!

A great way to start and make a small difference is to go to and make sure to select "Crimson Charities".  From them on, ALL of your purchases will have a small percentage donated directly to our community center!

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