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On a cold, but beautiful and snowy-Wisconsin-February morning in 2013, God deeply impressed upon Pastor Mark Garsombke that He needed to commit His life to full-time ministry. Pastor Mark had served in various part-time pastoring positions over the previous 20 years, but at the time, he was practicing law full-time as a successful partner in a large national law firm. On that February morning, Pastor Mark could no longer withstand the irresistible calling of God on His life. Inspired by the Second Great Awakening leader, Charles Finney, another lawyer turned pastor, Pastor Mark sent a text to a good pastor friend stating: "I have a retainer from the Lord to plead His cause, and can no longer plead another's cause." Shortly thereafter, God gave Pastor Mark a passion to plant a church! This church would focus on transforming communities for Jesus by teaching people how to walk in the continual awareness of God‘s presence at all times and getting outside the four walls of the church to show people the love of Jesus!

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But before he planted a church, God impressed upon Pastor Mark that he needed to help-out his good pastor friend with the launch of a large church building expansion. So Pastor Mark sold his house, moved to another near-by city, and became the full-time Executive Pastor at a large church in the Milwaukee area. A little less than two years later, God opened the door for Pastor Mark and Christine to plant Crimson Way Church.


Crimson Way Church was established August 15, 2015, with four faith-filled families. The church continues to quickly add new families, and has since moved into a public facility in Elm Grove!


While we appreciate all that God has done to get Crimson Way Church to this point, the best is yet come! So we welcome you to come and grow with us!

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