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At Crimson Way Church, we love kids! Jesus has a passion and deep love for kids. So should we! Kids are so important to Jesus that He says we: "must become like a child to enter the kingdom of God." In other words, we need to have faith like kids do to spend eternity with God.

We have four passions for our kids and their families:

1. That our kids have a real encounter with the Holy Spirit.

There is no junior Holy Spirit! God wants our kids to experience Him just as much as He wants us to. God wants to do some amazing things through our kids to bless them, as well as others, both inside and outside the church! Psalm 8:2 states: "From the lips of our children and infants you have ordained praise...."

2. That our kids learn God's Word in a way that is culturally and generationally relevant and fun!

God commands us to teach our kids His Word. It's so important that we teach our kids God's Word that God says to even write His Word on our foreheads! (Deut. 6:6-9). We want our kids to be filled with the living Word so they can be transformed from the inside out. We also want our kids to be properly equipped for the ministry the Lord has in store for them.

3. That our parents and congregation be actively involved in the lives of our kids and our children's ministry.

We encourage you to get involved with our Children's Ministry! You'll love spending time with the kids, and the kids will love it too!

4. That we support, equip, and strengthen our families with young and school-aged kids.

We want to give parents the tools necessary to raise their kids in the ways of the Lord. So we'll offer take-home materials for you to work on with your kids. We'll also offer training outside of church. For example, we offer an 18-week parenting class, "Growing Kids God's Way," that has been remarkably successful and used by thousands of families across America.

We offer four different programs in our Children's Ministry:

HIS Kids

  • Infants — For infants ages 0-24 months.

  • Toddlers — For kids ages 2-3.

  • Pre-School — For kids ages 4-5.


KID Zone

  • Elementary — For kids grades 1-4.

  • Club 58 — For kids grades 5-8.


These classes are awesome! So we encourage you to get your kids involved with our Children's Ministry!


Importantly, we highly value the safety of our kids. We do regular background checks on all teachers and helpers and have secure check-in procedures.

We also strive to provide a clean classroom environment where your kids can learn about and experience God.


Children's ministries are offered during Sunday and Wednesday evening services.

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