Mark and Chris Garsombke

Senior Pastor Mark and Chris Garsombke

"Chris and I really love people. We have a heart for sharing the hope and love of Jesus with peoples of all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. We truly believe that God wants His church here on earth to look like it will in heaven! Chris and I were both raised in Milwaukee and are blessed with six children, Hannah, Gabe, Abby, Christian, Mercy, and Isabelle. As you can see, we really like kids and have a passion for helping make our families stronger. I also love to play sports. So maybe I'll see you on the volleyball, basketball, or tennis courts! If not on the courts, maybe we can grab a quad latte or fruit smoothie!"



Bob and Diane Norris

Executive Pastor Bob and Diane Norris

"Diane and I were married in 1976 and have three adult children that are married to three wonderful people. We also have two terrific grandchildren. I'm originally from Alabama and Diane is from Pennsylvania before she moved to Anchorage, Alaska with her family when she was nine. We met in Bible College in Anchorage while I was serving as a medic in the Air Force."

"I was ordained as a Pastor in December of 1979 and have served in churches in Alaska, Montana and Wisconsin. We are very excited to be a part of what God is doing in Crimson Way Church. Our desire is to see God move in a mighty way and see lives changed. We love people and live to serve God and serve God's people."



Chris and John Fuchs

Crimson College of Ministry President, Spiritual Growth & Development Pastor Chris and John Fuchs

"John and I have a deep love for God and His Word, and seeing people's lives healed. My personal mandate from God is stated in Jeremiah 1:10. To that end, my heart is to teach and minister, to see lies exposed, strongholds broken, healing and deliverance manifested in every area of people's lives -- physical, mental, emotional -- through truth, repentance and forgiveness. As people are willing to receive, they can learn to walk, daily, in the love, forgiveness, integrity, power and authority of the Holy Spirit. "

"If you ever want to talk, I'd love to. I'm easy to track down at church. I'm the one with the deep southern Arkansas accent!"



Shane and Tatiana Cournia

Youth Pastor Shane and Tatiana Cournia

"Tatiana and I aspire to be Jesus with skin on to all we encounter with the understanding that we may be the only true representations of Jesus that anyone ever sees. Since we Love People and Love God, we intend to engage the culture around us, which means knowing the people, knowing the values, knowing the ideals, knowing the language, and taking an interest in developing relationships with the people around us. If we do this, people will begin to see the real portrait of who Jesus is and not the image that society has painted."

"We have been Married since 2011 and we have two wonderful children, Isabella & Immanuel. I'm from Milwaukee and Tatiana is originally from New York. We love family, friends, and fellowship. I love everything about playing and watching sports, especially basketball & football, so if you would like to connect with me, then those are a couple of outlets. As the Youth Pastor of 'Lazarus' I would also like to invite you to 'Come Alive' with us on a Wednesday Night @6:30pm!!"



Rondale and Abigail Austin

Worship Pastor Rondale and Abigail Austin

"My story is one of a divine exchange. Growing up in brokenness and emptiness, God reached down and lifted me out of it and gave me a new story and a new song. I am amazed at His work in my life. I have always loved to sing, but now my songs have a purpose. My heart's desire is to lead God's people into worship; to experience the awesomeness and tenderness of the heart of God. Worship and people are my two greatest passions. I love playing basketball and working out. Originally from Minneapolis, I have spent the past four years at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. I am so excited to join the Crimson Way staff in drawing all of us closer to God."



Tausha Cameron

Children's Pastor Tausha and Aaron Ziebart

"It's Aaron's and my privilege to serve the Lord at Crimson Way! I have lived in Brookfield, Wisconsin, my whole life, and really have a passion for kids and kids ministry. That passion led me to Bible school at iMPACT School of Leadership and DSOM (District School of Ministry) to become a children's pastor."

"At Crimson Way, we have a great group of kids, and awesome teachers and helpers who are committed to sharing God's love with them. Working with each one of these people brings me so much joy. Our desire is that each child will come to know the amazing love of God in his/her life. We want to partner with parents to help these kids become solid in their relationship with Jesus Christ. If you're new to Crimson Way and I haven't had a chance to meet you yet, please stop me in passing so we can introduce ourselves. If you ever have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me any time."



Scott and Kari Sprout

Director of Missions and Outreach Scott and Kari Sprout

"Kari and I love Jesus, and we are amazed by His love for us and His love for all people. We are blessed to have Christopher as our son. We enjoy laughing with family and friends, being in nature, riding bikes, taking road trips, playing board games, and reading. We also enjoy helping families and children grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus. We were missionaries to Romania from 2008 to 2011. Our passion for missions continues to grow. We are excited to be a part of Crimson Way Church, reaching out to our surrounding communities with the love of Christ!"



Larry and Crystal Hoskins

Directors of Young Adults Larry and Crystal Hoskins

"Crystal and I are both from Milwaukee and are proud of our city. Our heart's desire is to see Jesus get the reward of His suffering. We're passionate about seeing the motherless and fatherless brought into families. We love community and we love just doing life with people. Crystal enjoys all things health and wellness. I'm a Green Bay Packers fan, and go hunting and fishing whenever I get the chance. We have 4 daughters, Mercy, Talia, Justice and Galilee Love. We're pretty easy to spot. We usually have coffee in hand and smell like essential oils."




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Larry Hoskins
Bob Norris
Scott Sprout
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