Get Connected at Crimson Way

No matter what your age or your family situation, we have plenty of opportunities for you to be used by God and to grow in Godly wisdom.

Life Groups

God never intended for us to go through life alone. Throughout the Bible, we see the importance of being in community.


At Crimson Way Church, we love kids! Jesus has a passion and deep love for kids. So should we! Kids are so important to Jesus...


Our vision for Alive Youth Ministries is to rise up a generation of students who desire to live and walk in the presence and consciousness of God...

Young Adults

Crimson Way Church highly values our young adults! Have you ever felt like you've been left to fend for yourself at church, or you're the odd-one out?

Local Missions

When Jesus began His ministry, he started by calling His disciples, asking them to follow Him, Follow - an action - was not just for their individual personal...

World Missions

The first missionaries are documented in the New Testament, where they went out and preached the Gospel, traveling across regions on journeys...